Workshop at Shibden Hall

Pupils in year 10 have been studying Macbeth, one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. In addition to studying the text we have also been discussing the role of women in the period, and looking at how herbal medicine was used. Shibden Hall was in Halifax in the time of Shakespeare and we are visiting to learn about daily life there.In our workshop at Shibden Hall we will be visiting the herb garden, and learning about how the herbs were used to harm and heal. We will also be handling some artefacts of the period, and touring the house. The workshop is led by Calderdale Museums services.The workshop is from 10 until 12. We will travel to and from the hall by minibus. Pupils are expected to follow usual school rules and code of conduct whilst on the visit. Having taught this class for a while I am sure this will not be a problem, as they are working hard on Macbeth.

On the 2nd of July 2019 we went to Shibden hall to learn about life in the Tudor era, we looked round the outside the magnificent house before the inside opened and I was shocked of the size of it. when we got in to the house we were greeted by a Tudor woman telling us about her life, she turned to a table and said that it was expensive as it cost a pound, I was confused as a pound isn’t a lot of money at all but then I learnt that a pound back then was a lot of money. we had a tour round the house learning why beds had curtains on them and roofs (for the mice, privacy and rain (which would come through the poorly built roofs)). After we had the tour we went into a roof and got taught about the black death and the doctors that would come if you had his illness, this talk swiftly brought us on to the conversation of herbs for

medicine, we made a tuzzy muzzy (which is the “potion” to cure illness) after we finished that we got shown some house hold appliances from that era and asked questions.

Overall this was a great trip and taught me a lot about life back then

 KJ Year 10

Fiona Willats, from Calderdale Museums service was full of praise for our students. “I am so pleased to hear your students and yourself enjoyed the workshop yesterday and that you have been able to extend the learning back in class. I enjoyed it too, they were great to work with and great questions. We don’t have a lot of key stage 4 students visit so it was nice to have a change to the age group that we have normally.”