The Arts Award

The Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it’s creative, valuable and accessible. The Arts Award can be achieved at five levels, four accredited qualifications and an introductory award, and are nationally accredited.

Our KS3 pupils have begun their Arts Award with a very enjoyable project about Gargoyles and will follow it up with a robot-themed project.

Pupils have drawn, painted, sculpted, papier maché-ed, plasticined, charcoaled and pastelled, and have developed a terrific range of skills. It is lovely to see some real talent emerging, so much so that we are hoping to offer the Arts Award in KS4 from September.

Pupils had the pleasure of having a full day workshop from Tony Wade at Faceless Arts, who came in to help them make some sculpted masks and wire figures. The pupils really enjoyed this tremendously and wrote some very nice thank you letters to Tony.