Team Teach

All staff have undergone positive handling/Team Teach training.

We, as a staff try to avoid the use of positive handling and wherever possible will de-escalate issues and incidents by negotiation and the use of positive relationships with our pupils.

However in some circumstances we will need to physically intervene and use positively handling with a pupil/student. Circumstances when positive handling may have to be used include:

  • When the loss of self-control by a pupil/student poses a threat of harm to themselves.
  • Where the behaviour of an individual poses a threat of harm towards another person.
  • Where they are about to commit or are committing a criminal act
  • Where they are damaging property
  • Where their behaviour is threatening the good order of the school and preventing others from learning or staff fulfilling their duties safely,

These situations are rare and positive handling is used as a last resort.

The Team Teach Approach

There are pupils in the PRU with severe behavioural difficulties who present behaviour that may necessitate the use of restrictive physical interventions to prevent injury, damage to property, or the breakdown of discipline. The use of physical force must be reasonable and comply with:

  1. DfES Circular 10/98, “Section 550A of the Education Act 1966: the use of force to control or restrain pupils”
  2. DfES letter dated 24 April 2001 to Chief Education Officers in England, “Positive handling strategies for pupils with severe behavioural difficulties”
  3. Joint DfES/DH guidance issued July 2002, “The use of restrictive physical interventions for staff working with children and adults who display extreme behaviour in association with learning disability and/or autistic spectrum disorder”
  4. LA Guidance on Care and Control and Calderdale PRU Behaviour Policy

Most pupils who come to us settle and engage in the routines and boundaries of the provisions with little difficulty. However, there are times when their behaviour requires staff intervention to ensure the pupil’s own safety, the safety of other pupils and staff and that property is not damaged.

Team Teach is the approach adopted by the PRU to manage challenging and aggressive behaviour. All PRU staff working directly with young people have been trained in the use of this approach.

The basic philosophy of the approach is as follows:

  • 95% or more of all incidents should be managed without recourse to physical intervention
  • It is a flexible framework of responses stressing a holistic approach
  •  De-escalation of situations is a priority (e.g. using communication skills, humour, distraction, etc.)
  • Physical techniques are based on providing the maximum amount of care, control and therapeutic support
  • If physical intervention is required it will use least intrusive moving to more restrictive interventions only as necessary
  • Any physical intervention/positive handling will be used for the shortest possible time

 All incidents of restraint are reported, recorded, monitored and evaluated by the Deputy Head Teacher.

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