At Calderdale Pupil Referral Unit, pupil attendance is crucial and is directly linked to academic achievement. We expect all our pupils to attend regularly and pupils should aim to have a minimum of 95% attendance.

Punctuality to school and lessons is also vitally important as being on time is not only an essential life skill, but future colleges, 6th forms and employers take punctuality very seriously, poor time keeping may adversely affect potential acceptance onto courses and employment.

Monitoring attendance

We monitor attendance daily and take registers every session. Individual, class and whole school attendance is monitored closely by a team of staff including; Attendance Administrator, Attendance Officer, Senior Leaders and the Headteacher.

In the event of your child being absent please ring the school office on 01422 244181 to report their absence.  Parents/carers are asked to notify school of unavoidable absence by writing a letter or ring ahead. We advise that medical (including eye tests) and dental appointments (unless an emergency) are taken outside of school hours.

Please note it is the responsibility of the parents to provide appropriate contact details and notify us of any change of address.

If a pupil’s absence is unreported, the following protocols will be applied;

  1. If a pupil fails to attend before 09.30 am without explanation, our staff will attempt to make contact with parent / carer as soon as possible. If there is no appropriate explanation for absence, it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.
  2. The same procedure will take place on the second and successive unauthorised absences, where contact has not been made.
  3. On the third successive unauthorised absence, a standard formal letter will be sent home. This letter asks parents/carers to contact the school to discuss their child’s attendance.
  4. Following a short period of time, if we see no improvement in an individual’s attendance, a second standard formal letter is sent out, asking parents to contact the school to arrange an appointment to meet with attendance staff in school or arrange a home visit, to identify all issues and offer resolutions / solutions.
  5. Should we fail to make contact with parents/carers and/or see very little improvement in an individual’s attendance, a third letter will be sent which explains to parents, that it is necessary to refer the matter to the Authority Education Welfare Service for formal proceedings to take place.
  6. For pupils that the school does not have a statutory responsibility, ( e.g. preventative placements or dual roll), the referring school will be contacted by the Head of Year fortnightly to report to them on any attendance issues .

Holidays in Term Time

Calderdale Pupil Referral Unit follows Government Guidelines and does not authorise any holidays taken in term time. Where there are exceptional extenuating circumstances permission must be sought in writing from the Headteacher.

Attendance Awards

We celebrate outstanding and improved attendance at Calderdale Pupil Referral Unit and pupils who attend regularly throughout the year or have significantly improved their attendance and punctuality, are rewarded using the schools rewards systems which can include; vouchers and end of term trips.

Extra Support

If you require any additional help or support with regards to your child’s attendance, please do not hesitate to contact the Attendance Officer at school – 01422 244181

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