Rocket Science

As part of our Rocket Science the pupils at KS3 have been investigating how space suits are made. They researched the temperature in space and found that if there is no atmosphere there is no temperature, however under constant sunlight an object can become as hot as 260 degrees Celsius, and as cold as -100 degrees Celsius in the shade. Using this information they investigated the most effective way to maintain body heat in a cold environment by making astronauts out of bottles covered with layers of insulation with a thermometer in the lid.  They then filled them with water at blood temperature and put them in the fridge. Their temperatures were taken every hour and the results were analysed. The investigation was extended when pupils wondered why one astronaut had cooled down more quickly than the control that had no insulation. This led to modifications and improvements in the space suits and a second trial. They concluded that covering the bottle lid was a major factor in heat conservation because warm water rises.