Many of our young people need to develop their self-confidence, self-control and social skills, a key element in supporting this is positive re-enforcement. One of the ways we do this is by catching pupils ‘getting it right’ and by recognising and rewarding their achievements, however small.

At Calderdale Pupil Referral Unit all staff are encouraged to use a staged programme of rewards these include:

  • One to one praise (very effective)
  • Phone calls home
  • Notes to parents
  • Postcards home
  • Merits/Credits – recorded each lesson.
  • Certificates of achievement
  • Pupil of the week award
  • Rewards trips

Awarding Merits/Credits

Pupils are encouraged to behave appropriately and contribute in each lesson. We call this a ‘Green lesson’. If Pupils achieve a ‘Green lesson’ they can receive a maximum of 2 merits/credits. This means they can receive a maximum of 14 merits/credits each day across 5 lessons and two registration or Form times.

Merits/Credits are awarded when:

  • Behaviour has been excellent and the lesson is classed as GREEN
  • An individual has produced excellent work and/or made a real contribution to the lesson.

At Ks2 this is recorded on the signs in the classroom and at Ks3/4 this is recorded in the Keyworkers daily log.

Merits/Credits are then tallied up and where appropriate rewards are issued to deserving pupils, these rewards can range from vouchers to end of term trips.