PSHE (Personal, social, health and economic education)

This page is designed to give advice to parents and carers on educating your child around the use of drugs and alcohol. At Calderdale Pupil Referral Unit, we are committed to protecting our students, both in and out of school. It is important that we educate young people on the risks of drug and alcohol use.

Drug and alcohol education is delivered across the school in PSHCE and Science. The subject areas covered include:

Staying healthy

Risk and safety rules


The effects of alcohol

Legal and illegal drugs

Peer pressure

How to access help, advice and support

What can you do as a parent or carer to keep your child safe?

You probably can’t stop your child from coming into some contact with drugs, but by staying as informed as possible, you can help them make the right choices when they do.

Most young people don’t do drugs and most of those who do try drugs don’t keep on using them. Research shows that a child is more likely to develop a problem with alcohol than with drugs.

Adolescence can be a tough time for young people – and your child might behave differently as a result. Remember that just because your child is acting differently, doesn’t mean they’re on drugs.

If you’re worried your child is using drugs, the best thing to do is sit down and have a calm and honest conversation with them.

It might not always seem like it, but your influence does make a difference – and you are the right person to talk to your child about drugs and alcohol.

Research also shows that when young people do develop a problem with drugs or alcohol, family support can make a big difference to helping them get back on track.

Support in Calderdale.

Calderdale Branching Out service works with children, young people and young adults who are under the age of 21 and live in, or are educated in Calderdale.

Branching Out has a dedicated Concerned Others Practitioner, working with parents, carers and siblings affected by a young person’s substance use.

01422 415550

Other people who can help.

Whether your child’s ready to change their behaviour or not, there are young people’s and adult drugs services, counselling services, and self-help groups that can help.

Organisations like Adfam provide advice for parents and carers dealing with addiction.

Charities like Family Lives, Young Minds and Childline provide helplines, live chat and support

Netmums is a site with supportive forums for parents to chat with other parents and ask questions.

Re-Solv is a charity committed to stopping the abuse of volatile substances like glues, gases and aerosols.

The NHS website has a step-by-step guide to talking to your child about drugs