At Calderdale Pupil Referral Unit we offer;

  • a range of subjects
  • staff committed to giving your child a good education
  • a school that cares for all of its pupils as well as demanding their best from them
  • a 3-way partnership of school, parents and child, all working together to get the best for your child
  • opportunities to develop the self-respect and confidence of all pupils
  • opportunities to encourage pupil responsibility for themselves and their actions throughout the whole of their lives

What we expect of you

Working as part of a team, we hope that you will also encourage your child:

  • to attend regularly and punctually
  • to be respectful towards staff and peers
  • to work hard at school
  • to manage their behaviour to meet school expectations/rules

And that you will keep us informed about:

  • anything which may affect how your child performs at school
  • any concerns you have about how your child is getting on at school
  • any reasons for absence please send a note when your child returns to school

At Calderdale Pupil Referral Unit we also work with a number of outside agencies such as; Social Services, Lifeline, Noah’s Ark Counselling Centre, Compass Bridge. The Youth Offending Team, CAHMS, West Yorkshire Police.. for contact details and more useful links;


Useful links and contacts


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