Monitoring Progress

Assessment – All pupils are assessed regularly in all lessons and this assessment is used to plan future provision for individuals and groups.

We collect and collate all prior assessment data for our pupils from previous schools or providers. This along with our own assessments is used to monitor progress and set challenging achievement and attainment targets.

Baseline Testing

All pupils are tested prior to their entry to Calderdale PRU.

At Ks3 and Ks4 students are tested on the following:

  • English and literacy skills
  • Maths and numeracy skills

In other subject areas teaching staff are will conduct their own baseline assessments within the first four weeks of a child’s school career at Calderdale PRU.

Data weeks and ongoing Assessment

All teaching staff monitors assessment and pupil progress in their areas on a regular and frequent basis. Formal assessment data is added to the school’s assessment records during data weeks, which occur five times per year and are spaced out throughout each term.

Reporting to parents

Parents will receive a comprehensive assessment report after each data collection point (five times a year). This report will include information on academic progress and progress in behaviour, social skills, and self-confidence.

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