Key Stage 3 Newsletter – February 2013

Another half term is flying by and as I write this we have a thick and luscious carpet of snow on the ground outside. Snow looks very pretty; it envelops the world and makes it look all clean and shiny, with the promise of a fresh start. Once it thaws we realise that the world is pretty much the same as when we last saw it, that nothing has really changed.

 In some ways the journey our pupils take is a bit like that. When they join us from mainstream they often believe that just becoming a pupil at the PRU will make everything alright. That the entrenched behaviour patterns will magically disappear overnight, just like snow thawing. In fact it is much more complex than that, and involves a lot of hard work. Pupils must first accept the need for change, and then work hard to affect change in their own behaviour. I am delighted to say that once again we have pupils ready to go off into Mainstream; schools have been identified for Leon and Lakhan, and we wish them both well.

Newsletter February 2013