Key Stage 3 Newsletter – February 2012

In all aspects of life we learn new things, but sometimes we forget what we already know. Part of our work, and as important as the formal National Curriculum, is to support our pupils social and emotional aspects of learning (SEAL).
We have targeted intervention groups, do individual interventions and also work well with partner agencies to support you and your child where we all feel there is a need.
Each pupil will meet with their key worker on a regular basis to discuss and agree their own individualised SEAL target, so everyone is clear what each pupil is working towards in terms of self management.
One of the highlights of each half term is our ‘SEAL meal’. This is a meal during the week before the holiday where all pupils have the opportunity to cook a meal, and the entire school sits together and eats it. This time we had a delicious meal of Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread, followed by a chocolate rainforest cake, with ethically sourced cocoa.

KS3 Newsletter February 2012