School Lunches

We do not have a school cafeteria on site.   Our school admin team, order staff and pupil lunches on a daily basis from an offsite provider. We collect hot and cold food, offering balanced and nutritious choices, creating a positive food culture and forging links with the local community.

Each day a new menu is displayed in the main reception, where pupils can order their preference, this includes a sandwich, a wrap or a hot meal, including a bakery item or a hot dessert, as well as a piece of fruit.

To purchase a lunch, pupils or parents must pay £2.80 per day and write down their choice for the day.   Pupils entitled to Free School Meals, are still required to make a selection on arrival. We do not order lunches for pupils that are absent from school, or absent from registration, this is to prevent waste.

Free School Meals

If you believe your child is entitled to Free School Meals, please contact your local Benefits Office or complete the attached form below.

Free School Meal Form