Educating PRU Video

Calderdale Council regularly conducts a ‘scrutiny’ of services in the area, and this time it was the turn of the CalderdaleĀ Pupil Referral Unit. They asked us to show them what life is like here at the Whitley Phoenix Centre by making a short film. Led by the pupils of Year 11, we set about shooting a documentary and captured some interviews with staff and pupils, a few lessons, and everyday scenes such as a typical lunch-time and trips out to play golf and go ice skating. Pupils decided what to film, what music to use, wrote the interview questions, and did the camerawork themselves. They also chose the title: Educating PRU. It was a tremendous effort.


educating pruSpecial mentions are due to Josh, Abbie and Tiather for the interviews, Tiff, Beth, Aaron, Conner, James, Sophie and Lawrence for agreeing to be interviewed, Ben for the title sequence, and Abbie, Tish, Tiather and Molly for operating the camera. Finally, the staff and pupils as a whole deserve a big thank-you for letting us film them and taking part so enthusiastically. Well done, everyone!