Home School Agreement

It is very important that all pupils in the PRU take the opportunities offered here to learn new skills that will be useful to them in school and in their future. The expectations of the school as itself, parents and pupils are:

School staff will:

  • Lead by example, be good role models for promoting positive attitudes and behaviour
  • Be consistent in dealing with pupils
  • Create a safe and pleasant environment, physically and emotionally
  • Have high expectations of the pupils
  • Meet the educational, social and behavioural needs of pupils through an appropriate curriculum and individual support
  • Form good relationships with colleagues, pupils and parents / carers and respond to any concerns
  • Give specific performance feedback on learning and behaviour to pupils on a regular basis

Parents / carers will:

  • Be aware of and support the school in terms of teaching, learning and behaviour
  • Ensure that pupils come to school regularly, on time with the appropriate equipment
  • Take an active and supportive interest in your child’s work and progress
  • Provide the school with an emergency contact number
  • Attend open events and review meetings wherever possible

Pupils will:

  • Respect, support and care for each other both in school and the wider community
  • Listen to others and respect their opinions
  • Attend school regularly, on time, ready and equipped to learn and take part in school activities
  • Take responsibility for your own actions and behaviour
  • Do as instructed by all members of staff (teaching and non-teaching) throughout the school day
  • Be tolerant of others, irrespective of race, gender, religion and age
  • Be where you should be when you should be throughout the school day

In circumstances of loss of control by a pupil, and significant threat of harm to themselves, others or damage to property it may be necessary to positively handle a pupil (see Team Teach on the website). These situations are rare and positive handling is used as a last resort.  All incidents requiring the use of positive handling are documented and monitored.