School Charges

All education provided within school hours will be free to parents. This includes materials, equipment, and transport provided in school hours by the Local Authority or by the school to carry pupils between the school and an activity. “School hours” are those when the school is actually in session, and do not include the break in the middle of the school day.

Trips and Events

On occasion parents may be asked to make a voluntary contribution towards trips and events. Parents will be informed of the decision to ask for contributions at the planning stage of activities.


Parents / guardians will be charged for “wasted” examination entries.


Due to the increasing number of damage and vandalism at Calderdale Pupil Referral Unit, parents are expected to pay some or all of the costs for repair/ replacement of school property.

If your child wilfully damages school property you will be informed of their actions and an invoice will be sent to your home address to cover the cost of repair or replacement. Below is an example of the costs that may be incurred;

Damage to window panes £90-£200 each
Damage to window locks/seals £15 each
Replacement door panels £200
Repair/Callout for Fire Exit doors £85 – £250
Damage to ceiling tiles £12 per tile
Damage to display boards £40- £100
Damage to a chairs / tables (depending on level of damage) £20 – £200

Damage and vandalism is unacceptable, parents need to be aware that vandalism has a detrimental impact on the learning environment and increases costs. For example; money spent on replacing or repairing a damaged door has to be taken from budgets allocated to educational resources and visits, therefore reducing the quality of education that could be offered. This is obviously unfair to those pupils who respect their school and as a result, an invoice * for the costs of repair are passed on to the parents of those pupils responsible.

* Please note the invoice generated is an official invoice and any unsettled invoices will be followed up and could result in settlement at the Small Claims Court.

This also includes call out charges for contractors to carry on repairs on CCTV cameras, burglar alarm sensors or fire alarm break glass, in the event of a false alarm.

We trust that parents will work with us in addressing this issue and help prevent any future damage/ vandalism.

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